Yangtze flood control headquarters warns against regional water-logging

来源:Xinhua 时间:2018年04月20日
WUHAN -- Rainfall along the Yangtze River drainage areas this summer will be less than in previous years, the Yangtze River Flood and Drought Control Headquarters said.

Climate conditions during the Yangtze flood season, which lasts from June to August, will be challenging, and there may be drought and flood at the same time along the river, the headquarters warned.

Precipitation in the upper reaches of the river is expected to be strong, while rainfall downstream will be less than previous years, said Ye Jianchun, vice minister of Water Resources.

Rainfall in certain areas is expected to be strong and flood control authorities should watch out for regional waterlogging, mudslides and landslides, the headquarters said.

Local governments have been ordered to raise their emergency response efficiency during the flood season.